Vision360-B2B MiNi is complete diamond imaging solution. Dedicatedly designed for diamond industry only & especially for B2B type of trade, where all the buyer and seller are more technically aware with every attribute of the diamond. This advanced software based system for High volume polished & Rough Diamonds 360º imaging with interactive online View with Inbuilt Heart & Arrow image feature.

v360 diamond
  • Vertical View VERTICAL VIEW
  • Easy to use It’s having very simple modus operandi ”Place, Preview & Create” insert your clean diamond, check the preview & scan it. No skilled photographer required.
  • Productive & Fast It’s designed for high volume photography, it fastest photographing speed is 0.4 Second per Image. Share your scan with customers immediately.
  • Secure & Cost effective Everything is done on your premises, lesser goods transfer. It saves your shipping & insurance costs and improves business cycle.
  • Follow Industry Standards It follows the design, which is prescribed by global diamond certification authorities. e.g. lighting Positions, viewing angle & Quality.
  • Maintenance Free Design Vision360 designed for zero periodic maintenance & low operating cost.


Robust Vacuum Design

Vision360 is the pioneer in the vacuum based polish diamond
imaging solution, since 2013. One million diamonds are successfully
scanned in this arrangement without failure & damage to diamonds.
With its unique vacuum diamond holding stage, you can achieve
up to 99% of diamond view (No hidden edges).

0.10 to 100 Ct. Size

Vision360 MiNi is absolutely differed with its name, though is
compact; System is extended with its best scanning capacity. Now it’s able to scan polish
and rough diamond between 0.10 to 100+ Ct. and this huge range will cover
almost all size of the diamonds in worldwide trade.

Eye clean View

To avoid any misinterpretation about inclusion position
and size in magnified view. Vision360 has developed an extra parallel
diamond view in its diamond viewer, which is known as “eye clean view” for
easy understanding of an inclusion effect with customizing magnification with real
world direct eye view. You can set the position and size of the “Eye clean view” as
per your best experience & knowledge.

Most experienced software

Since 2013, all updates and changes are done is based on customer feedbacks only.
It’s easy data integration parallel saving paths or other features are developed
after its usage in one of the biggest diamond cutting units. Vision360 master profile
allows you to create your own master job profile for the consistent result of your
daily work. Once you have a fix every possible setting in software,
then you can save them for future consistent work.

Versatile Background

Structure wise diamond is very unique, as it's not only a translucent in nature
but also a multifaceted surface which is the biggest challenge for software generate
background but Vision360 can create still & 360o diamond image with any practical
colour background with help of background hardware, including true white (255, 255, 255).
Vision360 supplied with three fundamental colors background Grey,
Black & White, which is the most suitable for diamond viewing application.

Portable & Ergonomic Design

Vision360 B2B-MiNi is the single unit designed with ergonomic in nature.
It’s elegant and space-saving designed will help you to use it in very limited space.
Moreover, it’s 2’ long, 7kg lightweight ergonomic body design allows you a stress-free
longer working hours without damage to diamonds and eyes.

Key Features

99% Diamond Visible

Vision360 MiNi loaded with one of the best vacuum based polish
diamond holding design in the world. Thus, diamond stand-up in a way that
it is visible up to 99% in a frame, despite diamond’s size and shape.