What is Vision360?

Its most advance Diamond & Jewellery photography system for online trade. In the online diamond sale, we produce certificates and all relevant information to merchandise our diamonds but the buyer still asked many questions and want a comprehensive look of the diamond. Vision360 is the system, which can scan your Polished Diamond, Rough Diamond, Gemstone or Jewellery and create 360° real image of your diamond. In that image, the buyer can precisely see the beauty of your diamond along with its characteristics E.g. Clarity, Cut, and Colour of the diamond in magnified and eye-scan view for Easy & Fast buying decision.

Why Vision360 only?

The answer is, its reliable, user-friendly, consistent, maintenance free, designed for huge inventory system & most affordable in its range. Hence, its customer range is varying from DTC Sight-holders to small traders.

  • Everyday more than 5500 diamonds are uploading on the internet through around the world.
  • Every 2nd 360° Diamond image on the internet belongs to Vision360.
  • 70% DTC sight-holders from India trust on Vision360.
  • some of the top online diamond companies are using Vision360.
  • Vision360 provides you complete solutions for B2B & B2C with the different model for the different segment.

Utilizing this type of tool on your website & mobile Apps will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. More specifically, your users will be inclined to engage with the tool and interact more within your website.

How it works?

All you have to do is clean your diamond and place it inside the system. Adjust the View of your diamond on live screen and scan the diamond. Prepared scanned file needs to upload on FTP server (Vision360 provide 1st year free) and you will be able to embed & share it on your website/ inventory or diamond trading portals E.g. RAPNET®, IDEX, POLYGON, HK-ADEL, etc.

What is the difference in available models?

At this moment, we are offering three types of system with respect to their output & usage. Click on Compare

What size of Diamonds & Jewellery can be pictured into the Vision360 system?

In Vision360 system you can make 360° image from rage of 0.10 to 100+ carat polished and rough Diamond. In jewelry, you can make 360° image of small jewelry like Ring, Ear-stud, Pendent, etc.

Is it work with Fancy Colour Diamond & Gemstone?

Yes, we use high-end DSLR camera & calibrated environment for exact color reproduction of fancy color diamond. In software, you can adjust the hue, chroma & value of each stone.

Do I still need to take a number of pictures for a certain diamond and stitch them for 360° view?

No! Once you fix your diamond view, 360° image create automatically. No multiple clicks, No time taking editing & No boredom stitching.

How does it look & how much space it required?

Ask for the technical catalog.

Whom and how it helps, actually?

Actually, it helps all who are engaged in diamond & Jewelry trade but mainly it’s for diamond seller and buyer. People use it for Internal Communications, Merchandising, Auction, Trading, Archiving, training purpose, etc.

Can we use it on different “Diamond Trading Portals” e.g. IDEX online, Rapnet, etc.?

Yes, major diamond trading portals support it; thousands of diamonds are already integrated.

Does it support on Smart phone? Can we integrate it into our company’s Mobile Applications and social networking sites e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.?

Yes, you can! Vision360 system is designed and upgraded on the feedback from the Major players of the diamond industry, which help us to fulfill all your requirements in advance. Kindly check our ShowCase facility.

How many Diamonds can we do in 8 hour shift?

Vision360 system offers you multiple options, so it varies between 45 to 200 Diamonds in a shift.

What happens, if we are having huge (Thousands in quantity) diamond inventory.

Our major customers belong to DTC Sight-holders and Alrosa Alliance categories and they are having the huge inventory and through our experience, we can guide you in that case personally.

Does it require a skilled person to operate the system?

No! Some semi-skilled person can operate it, who having basic knowledge of computer & diamond.

Can we integrate Diamonds data automatically into Vision360 file from our existing software (ERP), including grading reports?

Yes, you can automatically integrate all your relevant data including Grading Certificates in Vision360 system from your end. Moreover, Vision360 integrated with some best ERP/Software available in the world E.g. Rubinstein (Fantasy), Dialite (D&K), Silicon, Peacock, DiaFlex (Fauna), etc.

We are very small company & we don’t have our own any IT set-ups & personnel, do we required such a things to use Vision360 system?

Don’t worry Vision360 can offer you with the concept of “Ready to use” we can offer you multiple options which will remove every IT related job from your end and from next minute of installation you can start work on it.

Which type of camera required?

Ask us for detail specification of camera & it’s accessories.

Do we have to pay any royalty on it?

No, once you purchase the system, you are licensed to create unlimited Diamond 360° images through out machine’s life.

Do we need to use your specific server only?

No! It’s not mandatory, you can make your choice.

Does it help me to create brand value?

Yes, you can put your watermark into the images and these 360° images will travel through the whole diamond trading chain and your reach will be bigger.

Can we get support and service, if we are located anywhere in the world?

Yes, Vision360 systems are successfully running in 23 countries, for more details you can contact us.

How much it cost to us and how can we start to use it?

Its simple...please contact us.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best option is, to fill-up the contact information form at Vision360 Contact Page and leave your query over it