Designed exclusively for the diamond industry, B2B Mini 5.1 is a high-volume polished diamond imaging design. With robust efficiency and advanced software, B2B Mini delivers accurate and rapid results, creating a virtual buying experience that mirrors in-office purchasing. Its user-friendly design and gem holder-based system ensure effortlessness of use, enabling even semi-skilled artisans to operate it with ease. Within a few minutes, one can scan diamonds which will be ready to share across any platform. Cost-effective and feature-rich, B2B Mini 5.1 enhances buyer confidence, reduces shipping and insurance costs, and revolutionizes the diamond procurement process.

v360 diamond
  • hd sdiamond Face-up
  • hd sdiamond Fluorescence
  • hd sdiamond Still
  • hd sdiamond laser Inscription (1)
  • Easy to use It’s having very simple modus operandi ”Place, Preview & Create” insert your clean diamond, check the preview & scan it. No skilled photographer required.
  • Productive & Fast It’s designed for high volume photography, it fastest photographing speed is 0.4 Second per Image. Share your scan with customers immediately.
  • Secure & Cost effective Everything is done on your premises, lesser goods transfer. It saves your shipping & insurance costs and improves business cycle.
  • Follow Industry Standards It follows the design, which is prescribed by global diamond certification authorities. e.g. lighting Positions, viewing angle & Quality.
  • Maintenance Free Design Vision360 designed for zero periodic maintenance & low operating cost.


User friendly

Hassle-free and user-friendly, this innovative portable instrument processes the photograph in just three simple steps: ‘Place, Preview & Create’. With the help of this instrument, anyone can capture high-resolution photographs of the diamond. Just insert the diamond, review the preview in the display, and scan it effortlessly. It eliminates the hassle of diamond scanning captivating the images with ease without the need for skilled photographers.

Robust & Compact Design

Like its predecessors, our latest design boasts a robust and compact structure. Incorporated with a modular concept, each component is easily replaceable and hassle-free in repairs. This innovative mechanism enhances the overall durability of the product, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Accurate & Fast

Accurate and fast, this system is engineered to meet the demand for high-volume photography with high speed. One of the best features is the ability to share the scan output with the customers instantly and to eliminate the large quantities for the photography. Easy-to-carry machines capture seamless scans and deliver images at an impressive pace.

Platform Independent

We have designed B2B Mini 5.1 with Platform Independent System with multiple output formats. The system is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, allowing users to access and utilize it regardless of their preferred device or operating system. It has various output formats including JavaScript, HTML, and MP4.

Actual Colour

When we perceive the color of an object, it is inclined to the lighting conditions and interprets the light wavelengths emitted by the object. To achieve the actual color of the diamond, a blend of high-quality uniform indirect lighting is used with UV content, and a color correction profile delivers an actual color. It aims to minimize the distortions and inaccuracies in color resulting in an actual color representation.


Easy to transport and space-saving, B2B Mini 5.1 is meticulously engineered to be compact and lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere, anytime. This is one of the best instruments for those who have frequent relocation or transportation requirements such as trade shows, exhibitions, or presentations.

Multicolour Background

The 360° diamond image can be effectively scanned using a variety of background colors including black, grey, and white. While scanning the diamond, the use of black, grey, and white backgrounds provides the contrast that allows for a comprehensive analysis of the diamond’s attributes such as clarity, cut, and color.

0.10 to 30 Ct. Size

The scanning capability of a 360° diamond scanner extends to encompass both rough and polished diamonds ranging in size from 0.10 to 50 carats. It increases the accuracy of the assessment for rough and polished diamonds providing valuable insights into their quality, cut, clarity and color, and other essential characteristics.”