B2B MiNi 5.0 is the most awaited and comprehensive diamond photography system which does not only cover the diamond's 360° appearance but also covers Diamond’s Optical Performance Images (DOPI) which reveal brilliance, fire & scintillation characteristics of the diamond. Moreover, dark-field & fluorescence images encourage your customer to understand additional properties which effect diamond price. Further to laser inscriptions image will add transparency in the trade and protecting the buyer from fraud.

v360 diamond
  • hd sdiamond 360° View
  • hd sdiamond Office Light Black
  • hd sdiamond Dark-Field
  • hd sdiamond Heart Pattern
  • hd sdiamond Arrow Pattern
  • hd sdiamond AGS ASET® Scope
  • hd sdiamond IDEAL Scope
  • hd sdiamond Fluorescence
  • hd sdiamond Still
  • hd sdiamond laser Inscription (1)
  • Easy to use It’s having very simple modus operandi ”Place, Preview & Create” insert your clean diamond, check the preview & scan it. No skilled photographer required.
  • Productive & Fast It’s designed for high volume photography, it fastest photographing speed is 0.4 Second per Image. Share your scan with customers immediately.
  • Secure & Cost effective Everything is done on your premises, lesser goods transfer. It saves your shipping & insurance costs and improves business cycle.
  • Follow Industry Standards It follows the design, which is prescribed by global diamond certification authorities. e.g. lighting Positions, viewing angle & Quality.
  • Maintenance Free Design Vision360 designed for zero periodic maintenance & low operating cost.


Versatile Concept

With years of customer feedback, we have made a system to cater an exact needs of the world diamond industry. It's first in a class system which offers 360° view with multiple diamond optical performance images. Moreover, you can use this system on a dual model which will provide an output of two machines with cost-saving up to 60% in single machine compared to others.

Robust & Modular Design

As always, the design of this system as robust as its predecessors.
This time, we have implemented a modular concept with easily replaceable parts for manageable & fast repair or maintenance, "NO" back & forth which will save an immense production loss.

0.10 to 50 Ct. Size

This system is best in class with scanning size capacity. It can scan polish excellent cut round diamond up to 50 Ct. in 360° & 25 Ct. in DOPI this large range will cover the almost all tradable size of the diamonds in the worldwide diamond trade.

Eye clean View

To avoid any misinterpretation about inclusion position and size in magnified view. Vision360 has developed an extra parallel diamond view in its diamond viewer, which is known as “eye clean view” for easy understanding of an inclusion effect with customizing magnification with real world direct eye view. You can set the position and size of the “Eye clean view” as per your best experience & knowledge.

Most experienced software

Since 2013, all updates and changes are done is based on customer feedbacks only. It’s easy data integration parallel saving paths or other features are developed after its usage in one of the biggest diamond cutting units. Vision360 master profile allows you to create your own master job profile for the consistent result of your daily work. Once you have a fix every possible setting in software, then you can save them for future consistent work.

Key Features

Face-up Image

Face-up Image is the high-quality steady face-up photo of the diamond, which simulates to under office light appearance of a diamond in which you can easily check diamond's overall cut symmetry, Inclusion location & light refraction in form of its brilliance. Click for more info

H&A Scope Image

Heart & Arrow is a depiction of the diamond’s supreme symmetrical (due to its cut) features. It consists of eight hearts and eight arrows that can be seen in a diamond of superb cut quality, it's a first in this segment. With this feature you don’t need to buy another system for taking H & A images of Diamond because It’s inbuilt feature in this system. Click for more info

AGS ASET® Scope Image

The American Gem Society (AGS) ASET® works with the Angular Spectrum to display and you evaluate the optical performance of the diamonds. Only a diamond that reflects a lot of light back to you will be a diamond full of brilliance, fire and scintillation. It’s inbuilt feature in latest Vision360 B2B MiNi 5.0. Click for more info

IDEAL Scope Image

IDEAL scope photo can tell you a lot about where the light is leaking in a diamond and how much light a diamond will actually reflect back to you. Only a diamond that reflects a lot of light back to you will be a diamond full of brilliance, fire and scintillation. It’s inbuilt feature in latest Vision360 B2B MiNi 5.0. Click for more info

Fluorescence Image

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a diamond when exposed to ultraviolet radiation of specific wavelengths. Generally, as per industry practice, Fluorescence grades are usually from 'None' to 'Very Strong' and it effect on diamond’s lustre and pricing. Click for more info

Laser Inscription Image

Laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers etched in a diamond, most often on the stone’s girdle. These symbols serve as a unique ID that helps to identify a particular stone if needed. Diamonds are usually laser inscribed by the grading lab at which they are certified. Click for more info

Dark Field Image

It is used to examine diamond’s “clarity characteristics” or ‘“inclusions” that either invisible in the exterior light, cannot be stained by standard methods, or are so distorted by staining that their characteristics then cannot be identified. This interior lighting arrangement makes it easier to see the stone’s interior & surface inclusions that can be very important for its characterisation of an inclusions. Click for more info