Live View : Control the exposition

Vision360 system provides a complete live view of your diamond, you can instantly check the diamond view in great details before scan it. You to fix or change the Camera Settings Light settings, additional view operations e.g. Cropping, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Colour Tone, etc., by changing in these functions you can minimize the error in diamond’s final view before you scan and published. It’s one of the best practice for easy & confirmed workflow. Vision360 system also loaded with Master profile (Vision360 Profile) in which once you set all the settings then you can save those settings into the master profile and load it immediately whenever you start working next time, by doing this you will get the consistent result of all time.

Super fast

Vision360 system is sure fast in its league, the fastest photo speed is 0.4 Second/Image. Hence, Software takes lesser than 2 Min. to Scan diamond with 250+ photos for each 360º scan. You can increase and decrease the nos. of images for the scan with pre-sets. Vision360 used high-quality Commercial photography Camera and It’s unique algorithm is designed in such way that it takes fastest photographs compare to other and without worrying about maintenance camera shutter damage. Vision360 is designed to perform continue operation with large size inventory (70% Indian DTC sight holders are using Vision360, Since long).

Quality lighting environment

Vision360 offer the world’s finest selection of lighting solutions for your diamond scanning cum grading prescribed by global trade authorities, including the GIA (Colour Grading). Vision360 supplied with long life & high CRI LED lights to reproduce the colors of various types of diamonds and gemstones faithfully in comparison with normal or uneven natural light sources. It shows diamond’s color "realistically" or "naturally" compared to a familiar reference source. As gemstone having its property and that can be demonstrated in exact lighting environment only. Thus, Vision360’s lighting arrangement is versatile. So, it can be able to produce 3000 K to 6500 K. CCT lights on the same machine for a variety of technical usage.

Robust & ergonomic machine design

Vision360 designed for huge diamond inventory scanning, as its major users are belonging to DTC Sight-holder category. It’s unique ergonomic design is not only developed for longer hours of continuous operation but also to protect your diamond from damage due to falling from a stage or sudden stop from the motor. Vision360 is able to work in continues mode without any operational malfunction. It’s almost maintenance free, due to high quality of component selection.

Focus Stacked Image

Vision360 Introduce a new feature in latest 4.0 version. Focus stacking is a powerful technique for extending a photo's apparent depth of field and gives Fully Focussed Diamond & Jewellery still Image only. Diamond Photography is a subject of close-up/macro photography and In normal photographs of Diamond & Jewellery isn’t focus well & there may be a chance to hide out of inclusion. The best part of Vision360’s focus stacking technique is, it’s an automatic process. Just select the Focus A & B point and rest of things will be done by software automatically. Few more samples are available in Vision360 ShowCase facility, further understanding.

True color rendering

Vision360 loaded with color correction tools and real-time conversion engines for color management module for the exact color rendering of a diamond in its environment. It is important to understand that, in diamond photography where the picture is supposed to exactly match the original captured. Vision360 developed and incorporate the color rendering profile, which can able to render an exact color what human eyes are seeing in reference conditions. Typically, the saturation and color tone (Hue) will be corrected (especially in the mid-tones) to the extent allowed by the reproduction medium (and consistent with a "natural" appearance in the expected viewing conditions). You can simply understand the difference from demonstration image. Few more color diamonds samples are available in Vision360 ShowCase facility, further understanding with its grading certificates.

Multiple formats for different platforms

Vision360 provides you a different type of formats to improve your reach at every possible diamond selling platforms. Vision360 system is designed for online diamond sales with consideration of existing work practice & future possibilities. It provides four different formats for its users to use them as per their convenience & requirements, all four formats are JavaScript, HTML, JPG (Face- up shots only) & Mp4.

Platform independent viewer

Vision360 developed HTML 5 technology based Online diamond viewer, with consideration of global trade practice in the diamond industry. We tested its compatibility with all internet browser & latest mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows. Its responsive view can be easily integrated with your web & mobile application with fast, crystal-clear rendering. It’s advanced security & flexible deployment options will give more flexibility with existing ERP. Moreover, you can compare up to six (06) diamonds at the time with your water mark.

Cloud computing facility

Vision360 Cloud Service, known as “ShowCase” that allows its users to host their diamond scanned files and make it shareable 360° presentation within Minute. Our cloud service is secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. Administrator tool helps you with easy uploading & communication (Including GIA number up gradation) API for your ERP system. Uniquely designed “ShowCase” page will an additional advantage of it. For more details about ShowCase, visit our ShowCase Page from product menu.